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Celebrate Dad with Opera Style

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June 18

|Price per person$179,000
  Includes ImpoConsumo
|Children under 10 years$89,000
| They are Cuban from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
| obsequio special for dad
|2 beers or 2 soft drinks per person.

There is no better place to celebrate Father's Day than the most iconic "Rooftop" of La Candelaria located in El Mirador restaurant at the Opera Hotel.


With a pleasant and unique atmosphere, on the emblematic roofs of the Historic Center and with the tranquility of being in a 5-star hotel, recognized by Tripadvisor as being in the 10% of the best in the world.

We want to share this special date by offering an unbeatable bar of salads and Mediterranean vegetables to accompany a delicious barbecue.


At the table you will start with a sharing of Colombian picada with the classic chorizos, blood sausage, chitterlings and pork rinds.
The main course with 
beef, pork and chicken colombinas on the house's BBQ. Around and accompanied with an exquisitemashed plantains, baked potatoes with original chimichurrimacerated and variety of chilies. 
Accompanied with 2 beers.
Finally, you can freely choose from the varied bar of
colombian desserts, the cakes and sweets of your choice. 

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