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Comprehensive quality policy

Our vocation is the culture of service excellence. 

At HOTEL DE LA ÓPERA we are committed to guaranteeing the highest quality in all processes, through continuous improvement tools, becoming an environmentally friendly company. 

We promote and disseminate our historical, tourist and gastronomic heritage. As members of a committed and responsible work team with their natural and social environment; We close the doors to the abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.


At Hotel de la Ópera we are a company committed to our clients, our collaborators, the environment, society, the community, ethics and quality.


Vision 2026

In the year 2026, the Hotel de la Ópera will achieve:
- Maintain the Hotel infrastructure, preserving the colonial essence, creating new spaces to improve the service offer for customers.
- Guarantee the fulfillment of the promise of value in the service channels and customer loyalty by exceeding their expectations.
- Being a zero carbon hotel.
- Improve indicators of social and environmental responsibility.
- Be part of the best independent hotels, to work and meet marketing and sales goals.

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